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Urban development

The urban zoning sector is responsible for planning the overall development of the city, including land-use planning, housing and urban renewal, the private sector, real-estate management, industrial areas, shopping centres, and outdoor markets.


Ålesund local authority offers apartments for rent and help for more information about financing your own estate. The page is in norwegian.

Building Permits Office

The Building Permits Office's main responsibilities are:

  • Processesing applications for building permits in accordance with guidelines for urban development.
  • Ensuring good building practices and good modern architecture.
  • Protecting environmental and cultural resources.
  • Ensuring that development is in accordance with urban development plans.

For questions about the building regulatory process and building permits contact our Servicecenter at +47 70 16 20 00.


For more information about parking in Ålesund, check out Ålesund Parkerings own webpage.

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