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Peterhead in Scotland

thumb_buchanan-coat-of-armsPeterhead in Buchan - Aberdeenshire, Ålesunds twin town since 1967.





Peterhead (Scottish Gaelic: Ceann Phàdraig) is a town in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. It is Aberdeenshire's largest settlement (the city of Aberdeen itself not being a part of the district), with a population of 17.500 (1020).

Peterhead sits at the easternmost point in mainland Scotland. Peterhead is often referred to as "The Blue Toon" and people who were born there as Blue Tooners. More correctly they are called Bloomogganners, supposedly from the blue worsted stockings that the fishermen originally wore.

Although The Keith family in 1587 founded the ‘modern' Peterhead its birth as a settlement probably started in the 13th century when Cistercian monks built the first harbour. Since then the town's development has remained closely bound to the sea.

The twin town relationship with Ålesund are closely connected to the link between Peterhead Academy and the Spjelkavik Schools, and to the link between the scouts of Peterhead and Ålesund, and in particular to the late Group Scout Leader Robert Gordon (Bob) Simmers of the 1st Peterhead Scout group. The 1st Peterhead Scout Group is one of Britain’s oldest scout groups still active. They will celebrate their 100th anniversary in 2011.


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