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Twin towns - Sister Cities

Ålesund kommunes are closely connected to seven other Towns and Cities; Västerås in Sweeden, Akureyri in Iceland, Lahti in Finland, Randers in Denmark, Peterhead in Scotland, Anchiano, Borgo a Mozzano i Italia and Tacoma in Washington US. We are also in a close connection with Ville d´Eu in Normandie in France.

venskapsbybesoek-1-2009During the years Ålesund have had several contacts regarding such international connections, some are under consideration.

Nordic twins

The five cities Västerås in Sweden, Ålesund in Norway, Lahti in Finland, Akureyri in Iceland and Randers in Denmarkhave had a twinning cooperation since the very first contacts were made shortly after the end of the Second World War.

venskapsbybesoek-2-2009The core of the twinning cooperation is to promote the international and cultural understanding and respect across frontiers. This approach contributes to inspire confidence and understanding of each others cultures. The cooperation is used as door-opener to reach new knowledge and new partners. This is fruitful for the citizens, the business life as well as all the municipal fields in the twinning cities.

venskapsbybesoek-3-2009Within the twin relation in the Nordic contries there is two annual arrangements that is a contact meeting for the mayors and the chief executives and The Nordic Twinning Week (NOVU) for the youth. The twin cities are hosts every fifth year in a rotation. 100 young people get the opportunity to become acquainted with Nordic culture, get new friends across language and culture as well as to train within specific fields. Politicians and public servants will also join and participate. Their programme will reflect topical issues within e.g. children’s culture, library service, city development and so on.

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Lars Johan Huse - Head of Culture in the Minicipality of Ålesund + 47 70 16 20 00 -

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